Urql Introspection for Schema Awareness

This plugin generates an introspection file for Schema Awareness feature of Urql Cache Exchange

You can read more about it in urql documentation: https://formidable.com/open-source/urql/docs/graphcache/schema-awareness/.

Urql Introspection plugin accepts a TypeScript / JavaScript or a JSON file as an output (.ts, .tsx, .js, .jsx, .json).

Both in TypeScript and JavaScript a default export is being used.

The output is based on the output you choose for the output file name.


urql-introspection plugin version
Using yarn
yarn add -D @graphql-codegen/urql-introspection

API Reference


type: string (values: commonjs, es2015) default: es2015

Compatible only with JSON extension, allow you to choose the export type, either module.exports or export default. Allowed values are: commonjs, es2015.

Usage Examples

- urql-introspection
module: commonjs

How to use?#

// generated by the plugin
import schema from './generated-introspection.json';
const cache = cacheExchange({ schema });

Read more about Schema Awareness